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 I, Raja Ram Rana joined my family business in the year 1960 and started casting of sewing Machine parts, with my brother. I worked with great dedication and devotion for 16 years, when at last I started my own factory in the year 1976 under the name and style of Gopal Casting Works and started casting of quality sewing Machine Stands. By the Grace God and blessing of my valued customers, I achieved great admiration and goodwill in the market.
From the beginning, Taj Sewing Machine Company set for itself the goal of being a technological leader of the industry while at the same time keeping its unique character as a personal, customer-focused and service oriented company. It believes that "A Perfect Product must be backed by Perfect Service". We focus on the customer’s needs starting from production of the product, through the supply chain and the final installation at the end-user’s site.
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